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Joi, 21/06/2012

We are witnessing hallucinating changes in attitude in the politics of problematic states in the European Union such as Spain, Greece and Ireland, malformations and horrors of governmental conduct caused by the difficult financial condition they are in.

If until one month ago these states, particularly Greece, associated the massive financial support with the necessary measures of taxation and budgetary discipline, associated and attached, known as austerity policies, after Brussels so easily attributed 100 billion Euros to Spain in order to support the banking sector, everything changed with a swiftness worthy of a better cause.

What happened actually?

Spain, the 4th economic force of the European Union, considering that mastering the world football and tennis is a sufficient condition for it to be treated preferentially, asked the European Union for financial support, unconditionally and particularly without being humiliated, as happened to Greece.

Moreover, it threatened that, if it doesn’t happen fast, i.e. in due time, as “elephant in the china store”, it could move slightly neglectful and blow up the European Union’ efforts of surviving to the severest identity and existential crisis in its not so long life.

Brussels complied with the request and, by doing that, it simply opened the Pandora’s box, thus creating a precedent perfectly suitable to serve the elective purposes of Syriza (the Hellenic radical left) that immediately complained about the preferential treatment offered to the friend country and asserted that Sunday’s vote in Greece will take place while keeping an eye on Spain so that, “after the Greek people’s getting the power” (the wording belongs to Alexis Tsipras, leader of the movement), Greece may give up austerity in exchange of continuing to support it financially.

Ireland also snarled at it, as it also wishes and intends to re-discuss the budgetary discipline measures and the austerity measures, as conditions for the granted financial support.

Financing can be easily obtained by threat

We will probably witness in these states, regardless of who wins the elections in Greece, to the enforcement of a new negotiation model of these countries with the European Union and the other international financers, by striking their first on the table and by widely using blackmail, as the leaders of the political formations of these states are realizing that a threat to the existence of the Union or of the Euro currency would much more quickly and efficiently settle their desire for financing.

It remains to be seen how much will the financing states, like Germany, resist to this new type of political action that takes the form of blackmail, and how will their populations react, as it is well known that the contributing citizens and taxpayers in these countries no longer want to finance problematic states, even at the risk of having the European Union get disintegrated or redefined.

The creation of the Spanish precedent is, in my opinion, equivalent to a genuine undermining from the inside of the European Union’s interests, more specifically a self-undermining or even a sabotage of its interests, in the purest and clearest way possible.

Romania undeservedly bears the consequences

Unfortunately, this new type of enforcement of the interests of states experiencing financial issues in the European Union, by using governmental blackmail, will have negative consequences for Romania, the biggest threat being the possibility of misusing money representing structural funds allotted to Romania and not spent within the granted deadline, to the benefit of these countries.

This would not be the first time or the last time when Romania would undeservedly bear the consequences of a financial crisis it did not cause.

The last time it did so was during the period 2009-2011, when it bore the consequences of the subprime lending crisis, imported from the far-away America.

As the crisis gives rise to monsters, we will have to adapt ourselves to this new orientation as well, i.e. the governmental blackmail, which we could adopt, in its raw form, and refine, rename, facelift and apply in our turn in our relationships with the European Union, hoping that we will succeed to absorb more from our money.

It’s incredible how some states have succeeded to absorb everything of what was allotted to them and continue to successfully absorb it, as a genuine community cash vacuum cleaner, while others, like us, haven’t even succeeded to move some of their own allotted money, on the contrary, they (and we) contribute with many billion Euros to the Union’s budget by diligently paying the taxes and contributions.

We have had this quality of a net contributor to the European Union’s budget for almost 6 years now. At least it sounds nice, even if it doesn’t do us any good, on the contrary. I can’t help letting the word “Erevan” come to my mind, with all the possible associations to Romania’s situation in terms of its European financing.