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Miercuri, 18/12/2013

Romania's reindustrialization is this country's second chance of developing economically and drawing investments, said Ionel Blanculescu, economic analyst and honorary adviser to Premier Victor Ponta, who attended a relevant conference on Wednesday.

Reindustrialization is our country's second chance and we can see that, little by little, one switches from debates to practical activity,' he said and added that he would help an industrial company from Turkey to implement a 56 million euro investment in Romania.

Blanculescu said that Romania intended to set up a sovereign investment fund, especially in the energy field, where this country planned to become a hub. On this pillar it is to draw other development axes too, especially in the industrial field.

'The struggle for the national mineral primary resources is obvious, as is the radicalism and extremism of the street, which tends to become dangerous in Romania. We have seen how, after the Ombudsman was besieged, a law was turned down by Parliament although it was expected by the entire industry,' said Blanculescu referring to the mine law.

He said that in Romania 580 mines had been closed down so far and added that, at an international conference where everybody presented strategies for opening mines, the Romanian side had to speak about the management of mine closedowns.

Blanculescu also said that next year they would renegotiate the royalties paid by oil companies as the 10-year time span when they could have been changed came to an end.

'Some people in the street used to say that the royalties should be trebled, a fact that would involve the total end put to investments in Romania and their becoming quite derisive. It is entirely against the economic logic,' added the economic analyst.

On Tuesday, December 10, the mine law did not have the necessary number of votes to be adopted by the Chamber of Deputies. According to Dumitru Chirita, vice-chairman of the commission on industries and services of the Chamber of Deputies, the talks about the norm-setting document will be resumed later on, article by article.

Tens of protesters against the Rosia Montana project demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Ombudsman on Tuesday and some of them broke into the building.