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Miercuri, 19/03/2014

"We are already at war, we don't need shells to realize that"

* If Russia meddles with its foreign currency reserve, we will sink into a new crisis
* Putin has been careful to take the European Union captive, through companies disseminated in all the powerful countries, with the EU depending on Russia more than it can imagine
       The officials who are telling our population that our country has nothing to do with the events in the Russian Federation are wrong, considers Ionel Blănculescu, honorary advisor to the prime minister Victor Ponta.
     He told us: "We are getting lost in details and we are failing to see what is happening globally. A signal should be sent to those who are trying to appease us and tell us that Romania has nothing to do with the moves in the area. Considering the manner in which the economic and financial structure is now set up globally, the connections are extremely clear. All over the world there are a few very powerful centers, just like the significant transport hubs. One of these centers is London, where the Slavic influences are extremely powerful. All of Russia's financial elements go through Great Britain and Cyprus. The London - Nicosia - Moscow axis is an extremely active triangle right now, in terms of economics and finance. The area in question, which comprises the entire European Union, is aware to that type of moves, which means that Romania is extremely involved".
     Ionel Blănculescu claims that, through the measures adopted by the business sector, we can glimpse a number of negative effects which the moves will have in that area.
     In his opinion, there will come a period of serious turbulences, which will lead to imbalances on the stock markets, in the financial sector and in the area of exports in Romania: "Lately, huge amounts of capital, of over 100 billion Euros and dollars, have been withdrawn from the US, Great Britain and Western Europe, amounts which were brought back to Moscow. Since the US and the EU are persisting in their mistakes, by responding to violence in kind, which doesn't bring anything good, instead of responding rationally, what will happen in the London - Nicosia - Moscow axis will have consequences. There will be a period of serious turbulences, which will lead to imbalances on the stock market, in the financial sector and in the area of Romanian exports. We have already entered an area of excessive turbulences which we can't control. The world isn't aware of the fact that over years, Russian capital has become European capital. Companies with Russian capital of all kinds are present in the developed countries of the EU. They can't be locked down, because they are European businesses and doing so would cause anomalies, as they are involved in the real economy".
     Considering that Ukraine has already mobilized soldiers, which will most likely happen in Russia as well, the effects of the moves that are happening in the aforementioned area will start being felt right away, Ionel Blănculescu considers. "Major investment funds will protect their equity, withdrawing it from the Russian Federation and moving it to Singapore, which has become a new Switzerland. The manner which the US is reacting in, violates all democratic principles and Russia will not just sit idly by without any reaction. We are already in the midst of a full war. We don't need shells to see that. The EU can't match Russia's power. The decisions of the US will lead to a total escalation. If Russia meddles with its foreign currency reserve, we will sink into a new crisis. The European Union is unaware of the fact that Russia is disseminated through joint-ventures into all of the member countries of the former. Putin was careful, over time, to take the European Union captive, and it is now dependent on Russia to a far greater degree than it can imagine".
     In the opinion of Ionel Blănculescu, what is needed these days is more wisdom, reason, balance and less violence.